CourseGuide GPS & Leaderboard

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Benefits To The Course:

  1. Make money from each CourseGuide sale of your course.
  2. Differentiate your hosted tournaments with live scoring through CourseGuide Leaderboard.
  3. Save thousands of dollars versus paying for a custom GPS application.
  4. Offer the same look and feel as shown by your course logo and/or yardage guide.
  5. Get ahead of technology trends in the golf industry.


Financial Trends:

  1. The airline industry is moving towards eliminating screens in the back of seats in favor of smartphones or tablets. This saves them millions of dollars a year over expensive leases of screens, maintenance on these systems, and customer dissatisfaction when the entertainment screens don't work.
  2. The golf industry is experiencing a similar trend where more and more golfers bring their smartphones on the course and find the on-cart GPS screen is not needed.