Fatigue Assistant

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Designed to assist people experiencing post-viral fatigue. In conjunction with your fitness tracker, Fatigue Assistant tries to help you manage today to help you have a manageable tomorrow.

Over time, Fatigue Assistant will try to determine what your "Daily Energy Budget" should be, show you how you are doing during the day, and hopefully help you have a manageable tomorrow.

Version 2.0 adds support for detecting stress events that may lead to emotional or mental fatigue. Users can also manually add stress events if they choose.

iOS - Works with your Apple Watch or FitBit* Garmin users see below.

Android - Works with your FitBit*

* Requires a FitBit with heart rate support

Garmin Users - If you have a Garmin activity tracker that supports heart rate monitoring, you can use the iOS version. See the following Garmin Connect Support Page for connecting Garmin Connect with Apple Health.

Please Report Any Issues - If you experience any problems contact